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Restore the FCC’s 2015 net neutrality rules, which preserved and protected the open internet.

The problem: Without Net Neutrality rules, Big Cable companies will have near unlimited control of what we can say and do on the internet.

Last year, the Federal Communications Commission repealed Net Neutrality protections — which stopped big cable and telecommunications companies like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T from controlling the flow of ideas and information online.

In a 21st century democracy, everyone needs access to a free and open internet. People now use the internet for almost everything: access to news and information, finding a job, obtaining and tracking their health care, connecting with old friends and making new ones, accessing distance learning, and even debating politics.

That’s why we must restore the Federal Communications Commission’s Net Neutrality rules and their guarantee of a free and open internet for everyone.

To protect every American’s voice, the internet must be accessible to all. The internet has become our electronic town square. To ensure that every voice can be heard, we can’t permit it to be controlled or dominated by any individuals, groups, or organizations who can drown out smaller or less powerful voices.

Legislation in Congress right now would use the Congressional Review Act to overturn the FCC’s decision to end Net Neutrality, and restore the strong, Open internet protections we need.


Democracy is on the ballot in 2018.

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