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Bring our state’s Campaign Reporting Act up to date by requiring independent political groups to report who their donors are, how their money is spent on campaigns, and whether they are coordinating with candidates

In January 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in Citizens United, ruling that corporations and unions have the right to make unlimited political contributions.

The Citizens United opinion also expressed that this ruling would be supported in concert with laws that would require disclosure of the sources of contributions and expenditures in political campaigns.

Currently, our state statute does not meet the disclosure standards or definitions set forth in this 2010 USSC opinion.

Improve the transparency of our lobbying reporting system to ensure consistency, provide for enforcement, and increase the availability of detailed reports from organizations and the individuals who are lobbying elected officials

It is increasingly difficult for members of the public or media to determine which individuals or groups are influencing legislative decisions that impact various aspects of our daily life here in New Mexico.

Expand our public financing system to include races for District Court judgeships, Statewide executive positions such as governor, attorney general, and secretary of state, and State Senate and House races

In New Mexico, voluntary public campaign financing is available for qualified candidates for the Public Regulation Commission, appellate judgeships, as well as some municipal races.

Create an independent commission to establish written criteria for re-drawing district boundaries and require a fair and transparent process for conducting redistricting

The drawing of electoral districts is not transparent and all too often, there is no public participation. The resulting districts can often serve the political interests of the people who draw them, rather than the interests of the people being represented.

Allow for automatically registering all eligible voters at the Motor Vehicle Division.

Automatic Voter Registration is a process states are adopting to update our current paper-based system with a new electronic system that creates a secure database to automatically identify and register all eligible Americans to vote.

The secure database actively updates voter registration information when people apply for or renew their driver’s license or when they change their address.

Democracy is on the ballot in 2018.

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