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Political candidates will only fight for our democracy if you and I hold them accountable. We’ll set you up with everything you need to get them on the record!

The number one reason why candidates respond to the Our Democracy 2018 survey is because voters in their district have asked them to. Some candidates only need hear from a few voters — but some will need more of a push. That’s where you come in.

Build public attention

Candidates and their staff read their local papers to see what’s on voters’ minds. One of the most effective tactics to get candidates’ attention is to write to the editor to your local paper about the Our Democracy 2018 survey. Our simple tool will set you up with all the information you need, and connect you directly with the papers in your community.

Engage candidates

When candidates are called out in public, it can spur them to take action, quickly! We call this “bird-dogging” — showing up in person at campaign events and asking the candidate to fill out the survey. It becomes more effective when it happens multiple times: at every public event, an activists is there, putting them on the spot, insisting on a straight answer. Birddogging is a really fun tactic that you can build a team to get involved in, and we can train you on everything you’ll need to know to get results.

Take the lead

It’s especially important that we get candidates to fill out the survey in the most expensive races — where we have to work extra hard to break through the Big Money noise and get direct answers from candidates. Join the Action Team to get involved in helping us lead this effort. This might mean reaching out to fellow Common Cause members in these target district, planning a candidate forum, or using social media to keep the pressure on candidates. And, we’ll work with you after Election Day to make sure we hold elected officials accountable to their promises.

Democracy is on the ballot in 2018.

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